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What a weekend. It’s hard for me to talk about things, not because they went bad, but because there’s a lot to cover and no matter how much I typed, I wouldn’t do the weekend justice. I also don’t want to seem all sappy and stereotypical about it.

Marie visited. She was even better than I expected. We are in love. I now have an incredible girlfriend. And the only problem is that for now, she lives in New York (but that will soon change). I really think she’s the one, and I’m not worried about the distance. I’ve never met a person who matched me this much, and I love everything about her – waiting a few months for her to relocate won’t be a problem. So that’s the synopsis.

We didn’t do a lot this weekend – at least in terms of the touristy, Labor day weekend stuff you’re “supposed” to do. We spent a lot of time in the apartment, and went to a few places around Seattle, mostly to eat and do some very minor sightseeing. It was still very cool though, spending time with her in person, just watching TV or whatever.

A couple of stupid bad things: I hit someone in the VW. It didn’t do anything to their car, but it bent up my bumper and has me paranoid that my front suspension is going to fall apart or something. The next day, my gas pedal broke while we were in Snoqualmie. I managed to Macgyver it with a piece of shoelace, but it was still a fucked up little adventure. Luckily, these events were minor enough and didn’t offset the otherwise cool time we had together.

I’m trying to get my diet back in order. I just went shopping and bought mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and stuff. I’m trying to quit red meat, fast food, and high-fat items, eat breakfast every day, and stop drinking anything but water and the occasional apple juice at work. The lack of sugar from all of the 7-Up I drink really took a toll on me today – I almost passed out during a meeting I was so tired. But I’m sure it will all balance out eventually.

Speaking of food, I need to finish dinner – I got a late start today. More later.