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Chinese food, Gary Moore

Eating Chinese food, listening to Gary Moore, and taking a break from laundry and other miscellaneous cleaning. It’s a beautiful evening out, but I can’t really feel the cool breeze from inside my apartment. My stereo just freaked out – it makes this weird popping noise about once a week and then there’s no volume until you power-cycle it, then all’s fine. This time it popped and jumped to max volume, which freaked the shit out of me. Looks like it’s about time to pick up a new receiver. I don’t want to retire this one, because I love it – but it’s been 9 years, and I guess that’s a lot to expect out of a piece of electronics these days.

Marie will be here tomorrow. I have to go to work, but I’ll be on this boat trip all day, so it’s pretty much like Friday for me today. I guess this is the last time I will write in here before the big meeting, and I feel like saying something profound, but all I can think of is what I need to get done before tomorrow. I’m not nervous about meeting her, but I’m very anxious. I don’t even think I need to do all of this cleaning, because I’m sure she won’t really care about the state of my kitchen linoleum or whatever. I think I’m pretty safe with this one. But it feels weird, like I’m on the eve of something big, like when I was sitting in my mom’s kitchen in 1995 with a U-Haul of my shit in the driveway, knowing I’d be rambling across the country in a few hours. It’s an odd sensation. But not bad.

This food sucks. I got over my cold, for the most part, but I think the overdose of vitamin C has turned my tongue into mooncraters or something. I guess that’ll heal up fast enough. I’ve got a lot to do, so I better get to it. Don’t expect any updates until after the holiday weekend. Until then…