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Colitis is not a flower

I went to the doctor yesterday. He said I have colitis, but I don’t need to take any medicine. If I stick to a high fiber, low fat diet, it will all balance out. So disregard my panic attack a few days ago about all that.

I’m pretty devoid of all thought today – it’s just one of those days. I wish I could be home, half asleep and reading a book. I’m starting to think more about the trip to Indiana. Some of it is excitement, some worry. All of the things like catching the plane, leaving my car in long-term parking, etc. bother me. I’m worried about what I’ll eat when I’m gone, too. I guess I can find something, but I’m worried that everyone will want to eat fast food or in restaurants for the whole trip. I’ll work that out I guess.

I am looking forward to seeing Bloomington, and seeing everything and everyone. I’m worried about where I’ll park if I want to visit campus, and I’m worried about getting kicked out of computer labs because I’m not a student. Elkhart is just Elkhart – I get a strange satisfaction out of driving around there and seeing that things have changed, mostly for the worse. It’s eerie to see places from high school that are now vacant lots or Mexican groceries or Wal Marts. I guess even though I hated high school and the year I was at IUSB, I got comfortable with all of the stores and places and restaurants, and now many of them are gone or changed. The town in general is pretty beat, too. It’s 99% factories and 1% stupid public park projects that will never do any good, and that won’t change. But it looks more well-worn every time I visit. The roads are shittier, and busier. Crime is up, there are more cops, and the cops are even more belligerent. A “will work for food” sign on every corner. It’s weird stuff, but it’s interesting.

I have a vivid memory of driving across the Golden Gate bridge and thinking “I’m supposed to me at work right now”. I did the same thing in Las Vegas, during a plane change. Anyway…