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Game Boy

I got a Game Boy last night – it was an early xmas present from Karena, so I’ll have something to do on the plane flight back to Indiana, other than planning the ritual murder of half the people on the plane. I got Tetris Plus and Star Wars, too. I like Tetris a lot, but the Star Wars is hard for me – I am not used to the Mario-type games where you have to jump around on a bunch of floating platforms to get through a maze. I prefer shoot-em-up games, or strategies of some sort. I want to go to this used record store in the U-district and pick up some more games.

I’ve been searching the web for other Game Boy stuff and there’s a lot of it. People are hacking game boys, copying ROMs, writing code, making new hardware, all kinds of stuff. It makes sense – a Game Boy has a 6502 in it – only 8K RAM though. And no keyboard. I guess people are working on that though.

It’s almost down to the line on this trip. I need to start thinking about what I’ll bring. I usually pack a shitload of stuff, and I need to bring less this time. But I also need to bring enough to be self-sufficient, since I won’t be staying in hotels where I can lift stuff from the room. I also want enough extra room in case I find any books or things at my mom’s that I want to bring back. I’m expecting most of my old stuff to be sold off at various garage sales in the past. Maybe there are a few books or Commodore games lying around I can save.