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There used to be the concept in WordPress of an “aside” post, which was a small post with no title and a slightly different format. I guess the guts of it are still there, but there’s no formatting for it in my theme, and I’m sure if I used it, it would break something.

I think B used to use them all the time, in the heyday of mid-00s blogging. The concept of an aside is that it’s not a long, titled post. It’s just a quick status update apropos of nothing.

From the Apple dictionary:

a remark or passage by a character in a play that is intended to be heard by the audience but unheard by the other characters in the play.

• a remark not intended to be heard by everyone present: “Does that makehim a murderer?” whispered Alice in an aside to Fred.

a remark that is not directly related to the main topic of discussion: the recipe book has little asides about the importance of home and family.

I like the concept of asides, because I can never think of what to blog, as far as starting some giant essay about and important topic. Most days, it’s just the weather, etc. And I used to write only about that stuff, like during my lunch hour, twenty years ago when this all started. But then it evolved into having to write these huge essays, which leads to performance anxiety and self-censorship, which leads to me not blogging for months.

Also, I think asides were a thing when twitter and facebook were not. I could deposit my bitching about how UPS fucked me over again on my social media account. But then it is disconnected and forgotten, not part of this repository.

OK I’ll post this and then figure out if I need to format them differently, and maybe keep posting more of them.


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