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Eye of the chicken

I am so goddamn bored.

I get like this when I finish a book.  I thought it was depression, but it’s not. It’s boredom.  I am 30,000 words into the next book, but it’s just a collection of short vignettes, with no story or bones or structure behind it, so trying to read it right now would be like trying to eat a bag of sugar.

I wish I could find some web site that interested me, instead of just fucking off on Facebook and reading wikipedia entries on drone warfare.

Anyway, here is a big bulleted list of updates.

  • Thunderbird is getting some good reviews on Goodreads.  Click here and go read them.  Then go buy the book.  Then tell all of your friends to buy the book.
  • One of the reviews said I should make a calendar that has 365 bits from the stories on them so you could read them every day, which is not a half bad idea.
  • I actually was thinking that I should take all of these vignettes and edit them so they would each fit on a Magic the Gathering-sized card.  Then you would buy a deck of 68 or whatever, and you could shuffle up the cards and read them in whatever order.  Or something.
  • I have been trying to write more Amazon reviews.  Go here and read them.  And click the like buttons.  And if you want me to review your stuff, drop me a line.
  • My PS3 died for the third time, and I finally gave up on it and bought a new one.  I got one of those super-slims and it came with the race car game and some game where a guy shoots lightning bolts out of his hands which was fairly asinine.
  • The race car game, when I started it up, said it had to update and then downloaded 12 pieces that were seriously like a gigabyte total, then said it had to install to the drive and that took another hour.  Seriously, at that point, don’t even give me a goddamn game disk and just say the whole thing is online.
  • Because the new PS3 does not play PS2 games, I sold a bunch of my old games online for like a dollar each, because it was too depressing to just have them around the house, and I’m trying to not be a hoarder.
  • I somehow did something to my right arm, and it feels sprained.  I also lean on that arm a lot, like on my mouse, so it’s all fucked up.  I bought one of those RSI braces at the drug store and I am not playing bass for a few days to try and give it a rest.
  • I think I am going to Maui in October, so if you have any ideas on what to do in Maui that doesn’t involve camping or having to shit outside, let me know.  Optimally, I would like to find a place that lets you shoot machine guns out of helicopters, but I think that’s only legal in Texas.
  • I found these caffeinated jelly beans and ordered a case of them and really wish I would not have.
  • I am reading the patient information pamphlet for my allergy nose spray, and Epistaxis would be an awesome name for a death metal band.

That’s all for now.