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The Annotated Rumored to Exist, Hardcover edition

So I wanted a hardcover of Rumored to Exist, because I’m funny about that, so I made one.  Check it:


It’s a hardcover edition of the annotated version that I originally released in 2004.  In fact, it’s the exact text from the 2004 version.  I would have preferred to go over it again, starting with the 2011 re-release and add back in the annotations and do something else with the book blah blah blah but I don’t have time.

Differences in this edition:

  • Hardcover, with a slip jacket.
  • The paper quality is slightly better than standard POD.  It’s more of a cream color.
  • The cover is an alternate of the original cover.  Same location, but taken during a snow storm.
  • The back cover is a bunch of my notes on legal pads and post-its, along with the post card sent from the Astrodome by Larry Falli.
  • A ten-page introduction explaining the history of the book (up to 2004).
  • A facts and figures section.
  • A Q&A about the book.
  • The 2002 first edition text (possibly with some minor changes) in a different layout.
  • 547 footnotes explaining parts of the text.  This isn’t some DFW/Nabokov “the footnotes are another work of literature” thing; it’s just straight-up reference material.
  • No UPC or ISBN.  Only for sale at Lulu.  No digital edition.

I don’t expect anyone to buy this – I just did it so I could have a nice hardcover on the shelf.  If you do buy it, expect a great delay from lulu.  It took them two weeks to send mine.  But I think it’s worth the $20 – it’s very nice to see it with the glossy slipcover and everything.

OK, back to work on the next one.