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Haiku in the Night by Ben Ditmars

So here’s a new one.  Ben Ditmars has a new book out called Haiku in the Night. He’s a facebook buddy hailing from Ohio, and for some reason I seem to know an unnatural number of people from Ohio lately.  I think the last time I was there, aside from going through the airport (which is really in Kentucky anyway) was when I drove back for a funeral in 1999.  Maybe I need to go back again.

Anyway, I don’t even have my copy of the book yet (it’s in the mails) but I thought I’d post this because I actually shot the photo used on the cover of this book.  It was taken when I was in Berlin earlier this year, and it’s just a lazy snap taken on my phone in the hotel restaurant, waiting for my breakfast.  What’s strangely coincidental about this is that the cover of Sleep Has No Master was shot on the same trip.

Anyway, check out Ben’s books here: http://niceoldspice.blogspot.com/p/bucher.html

And I don’t profess to be an expert photographer, but I do have a bunch of stuff over on my flickr page.  And as I told Ben as he was struggling to find a free photo to use for his cover, if you’re a writer looking for free art and you find something on there you like, email me and I’ll give you rights and a full-sized image for free.  Check it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jkonrath/