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My new book, The Earworm Inception, is now available

Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller opened a Subway sandwich shop on the corner of MacDougal and Bleecker to finance their speed metal band, in which I was auditioning as their road ileostomy technician, so I spent a lot of free time in that neighborhood. A lot of touring bands, at least the serious ones, switched over to diverting their intestinal waste into surgical-grade pouches instead of dropping a deuce in a tour bus, so my part-time hobby was sure to pay off, eventually.

I’m proud to announce that my latest book, The Earworm Inception, is now available on the Amazon Kindle for just 99 cents. Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member in the US with a Kindle, you can check out this book for free.

This book is a collection of 20 flash fiction pieces and short stories. It’s not a novel, but they are all tangentially related.  Like Fistful of Pizza, it’s a mix of previously published work and new stuff, and it’s a cheap way to get a good look at my writing style.  Also, it’s funny as hell. The book description:

A food truck craze involving human cannibalism. A Texas Governor who obsessively listens to Rebecca Black right before every state execution. A chainsaw factory that plays Ozzy Osbourne for its welding robots. An ex-girlfriend drunk-dialing from Kandahar, where she’s starting a Shakey’s Pizza restaurant chain. And an endless search to find the right mix of prescription medication to stop the memories of a bizarre past.

These mad stories make up the latest by Jon Konrath, a collection of 20 flash fiction narratives that cross between metafiction and experimental prose, telling grim and absurd fast-paced tales about Konrath’s life in a twisted fashion.

There’s also a print version on the way; I’m waiting to approve proofs, but it will be available for $8.99.

Insert desperate plea for you to check out the book, like the page, share on your faceplace thingee, and tell all your friends.  Also, if you review books, get in touch and I’ll send you a copy. Thank you!

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