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Sometimes even idiots can predict the future

I wrote the following in 1996.  Does it sound familiar?

I have this theory about the Internet, loosely based on a theory Douglas Adams put into motion in one of his books about shoes. See, as more companies launch their Internet services and convince everyone in the world that they need to use the Internet, more people will use the services. But, the companies will stumble to conquer the market and deliver more Internet services to people, and they will in turn create more fragmented, shoddy Internet services. This will cause a higher demand for Internet service, because people will be pissed off with their service and will switch to other services. The higher demand will cause more service providers to come to market, and will cause large servicess to develop different offerings for people (of lower quality).
Eventually, this increase of both supply and demand will cause all other free market businesses to become internet services just to stay in business, but they won’t be able to, and the entire global economy will fail.
That’s my theory anyway.