Dispatches, thoughts, and miscellanea from writer Jon Konrath

Meet the press

From: Jon Konrath <jkonrath@speakeasy.org>
To: mtp@nbc.com
Subject: idea for your show
Dear Meet The Press,
I have been a loyal fan of your show since before Mr. Russert took over in 1991, and I really enjoy his work.  I also think your show has been a vital piece of my TV schedule in light of current events, and I hope you continue your great coverage of our War with Terrorism.
Here’s a thought I was discussing with a guy at work though, and I will tell you now because I am sure there is a lot of lead time in preparing your show.  Even though you guys are all serious, I think you should take some time out this April, and do an April fool’s show.  For this show, instead of bringing out politicians and authors and specialists, you would bring out actual presses.  I mean, for “meet the press”, you would have a printing press, a clothes press, a
punch press, and so on.  Various operators and owners would also come out to represent their presses, and then Tim would ask them political questions in a joking manner, like “Mr. Smith with the offset press, what do you think of school vouchers?” and then various arguments
would ensue.
Anyway, I think it would be great if you did this.  Also, I used to
run a machine press at an old job, so if you need me to come in, I
would be willing to help.  Thanks again for a great show.
-Jon Konrath