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Just a quick note on yesterday’s game. We went to see the Cardinals play the Giants at AT&T park, and managed to get seats from Sarah’s work – they have a luxury box and rotate who gets tickets, so we went with maybe a dozen of Sarah’s coworkers and their families. This was the first time I ever had box seats, and it was pretty cool, especially the fact that the food was all right there and catered. I spent most of the time talking to other people, which is also nice, because you can go back inside and sit around there away from the game if you want. I had no real vested interest in either team, although I secretly wanted St. Louis to win, and they did.

Photos are on flickr, and here’s the link below. This was my first run with the new camera, and the zoom lens did great. I expect it to do even better if we’re close for a game – we were up in right field for this one. Good view of the water and the boats and bridges and people in canoes, though.

Cardinals-Giants 4/25/10