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Ketchup. Catsup.

I feel a need to write some giant, overarching, incredible story that spends a thousand words telling some great concept about life, but all I really have at 9am this Saturday is an overwhelming urge to sit on the PS3 for a few hours, and enough random updates to make a giant bulleted list.  So I’ll try to stick with the latter, but with different formatting.

Probably the most exciting news of the week is that Sarah started a new job.  She likes it and it’s the job she was wanting, and that’s all great.  But what’s really great is that her new job has a corporate suite at AT&T park, and she got us tickets to Sunday’s Giants-Cardinals game.  I do not have a vested interest in either team (except that I have Lincecum and McGhee on my fantasy team, and the Giants will need to finish worse than the Rockies again this year, of course.  And Julie’s a huge Cards fan) but I have never seen a game from a suite, and I am very excited to see how the upper crust accommodations work out.  This does mean I can’t wear a Rockies jersey to the game, and I probably should keep the Rockies talk to a minimum during the game.  At least it isn’t a Giants/Rockies game, which would be problematic.  This will be my first game of ’10, and my first game with the new camera, so expect pictures.

I have moved to iPhoto ’09 due to the computer upgrade, and they now include Flickr updating from the app.  That’s good news, in that Flickr Exportr (or whatever clever name it had) was one of the worst-behaving OSX program ever (except for Missing Sync for Windows Mobile) and the new support has some neat features, like bidirectional sync  (change a description in flickr, and it changes in iPhoto.)  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get your sets from Flickr to show up in iPhoto.  I mean, the photos are still in my library, but the set isn’t importable.  I will save the ugly details for another post – I may have a partial workaround, but I really need screenshots and diagrams.

I upgraded the wordpress software here, because I heard someone’s horror stories about getting hacked, and the auto update software failed, so I had to backpedal and reinstall by hand.  I think everything works fine, but if you see anything weird, let me know.  I’ve also been going back to old posts and adding titles by hand, because my old journal had no titles, and parts of wordpress assume you have a title.

I’m currently 7th in my fantasy baseball league.  It’s amazing that I have some of the best pitching out there, but I have no offense.  The second the draft was over, I realized exactly how I should have went into it, and now I’m screwed until next April.  I need to take furious notes and force myself to follow them next March.

OK, to the PS3.