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Air in the Paragraph Line #13 now available

And now, the reason why I have not been blogging is done!  Air in the Paragraph Line #13 is now available at Amazon.com and other fine online booksellers.

AITPL is a print journal of absurdist and online fiction I publish.  It typically contains a story or two of mine, plus maybe a dozen and a half other writers who contribute their own stuff.  The main factor in choosing stories is readability – I really like something that keeps me turning the pages, like the old issues of Cometbus did for me back in the day.

For issue thirteen, the theme was “Bad Luck”, and our writers had a lot to say on the subject. It contains fact and fiction by Keith Buckley, Aaron Carnes, Joshua Citrak, Daniel Crocker, Timothy Gager, Nathan Graziano, Fiona Helmsley, Rebel Star Hobson, Robert Howington, Jon Konrath, Ben Mack, Jillian Olenik, Hassan Riaz, John Sheppard, Todd Taylor, and Daniel Trask. Edited by Jon Konrath, with cover art by Kurt Eisenlohr and cover design by Marie Mundaca.

I published not only a print version (with a glossy color cover, perfect bound 6×9, 236 pages) but I also did a Kindle version.  The print version is cheaper than previous ones because of the printer change: $9.95+S/H list price.  (You can also find it lower if you hunt around, but you might pay more shipping.)  The Kindle version is a dirt cheap $1.99.

Anyway, check it out:

Also, I am desperately looking for book reviewers and have about a dozen copies of the print version to give away.  If you or someone you know reviews books for their site or blog, please let me know and I can send a copy!