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Nightcaps and allergies

It’s been one of those weeks, where I perpetually feel like I am two hours behind on sleep, and doing anything, even something as simple as pulling a book off a shelf, takes two or three tries. I’ve had allergies pretty much since we moved to the bay area, really weird ones that predominantly have to do with a sore throat, and I think I do more harm than good with allergy medication. I think Zyrtek-D works best, but it is as 12-hour medicine, and if I take it, at exactly 12:01 in, I completely shut down. So I just stumble through the week, and then the weekend comes, and I sit down here to write about the week, and the most interesting thing I can write about is… um…

We finally booked a vacation. We have not been on a “real” vacation since we went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon in 2007. There have been a couple of trips to see the family, a weekend in Denver, another in Vegas, and various tag-a-long trips I took when Sarah was going somewhere for business. So over the week of thanksgiving, we will be going to Ixtapa, Mexico. We’re staying for eight nights in a resort where we have our own private terrace that faces the Pacific ocean. No cell phone coverage. No ideas on what we will do, other than eat, sleep, and not work. Like, I haven’t figured out if I should start a book-on-tape crash-course in Spanish, or if we have to deal with pesos or just spend greenbacks everywhere, or what to do to avoid the “don’t drink the water” issues. (I’ve heard that a month of heavy acidophilus supplements will skirt this issue.)

This wiki writing project has fallen flat. I feel like the amount of time I’ve taken since I’ve written anything of substance has put me back to zero, that if I wanted to write something like Summer Rain again, I’d have to start from a dead stop and re-do all of the years I put in back in the early 90s to get to the point where I finished that book. And for the record, I think I started considering myself a writer back in the end of 93; started SR in 95, published it in 2000. Anyway, I’m back to trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be working on, and trying to find time to work on it. Part of me thinks I should try to get figured out on travel writing, if only so I can properly document the trip to Mexico. But I haven’t done any proper writing-up of a trip since, when? Florida in 2004? I should know this, because my migration of the photos pages on rumored have broken every travel page on the site, and fixing them all by hand has been a painful process.

BTW photos from Denver are here, unsorted, uncaptioned, un-everything.

Also, I made an appearance last week on the Nightcap podcast, run by J and B. It is an hour fifteen and I am probably rambling, but it was a fun experience, and great to talk to those guys again. So check it out.