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10,000 songs

I’m starting to suddenly remember all of the pain-in-the-ass issues with cassette tapes, as I try importing some of them to my computer. First, I have a shoebox of Sony C-90s with no labels at all, and I have no idea what’s on them, short of listening to the whole thing. Also, many are not in cases, so the wheels have worked loose, and the tape is all unwrapped inside, which means lots of time re-tensioning things with a pen. A couple have the foam bit underneath the play head rotted away, so the tape plays like if you were underwater, spinning records backward. And I’ve remembered I had a bad habit of making half a mix tape and then forgetting all about it. The idea of setting levels and trying to mark the ends of songs to clip them apart is also something I’d forgotten. Tapes are a true pain in the ass.

But tapes are also interesting. I mean, I listen to the dropouts and cracks and pops, and still remember those exact imperfections on the tapes. And it’s weird to be holding a tape that someone gave me 15 years ago and think of all the strange energy still held in it from that connection. (I don’t really believe in “energy” in that way, but it is still nostalgic.) I was playing a tape that I know I first dubbed 25 years ago, and that blew me away.

Anyway, I am above 10,000 songs in my iTunes library – it’s 10,009 right now. I have all of my CDs from A-Z plus soundtracks in binders. I have to do the various artists, and then I’m sure a bunch of loose CDs will show up. I just got the newest Adam Marsland greatest hits thing in the mail (here, it’s only $6 on Amazon, and worth much more) and had a panic fit because I realized I would have to re-do the M section to get it put in there correctly. Oh, I also need to get a new hard drive, because I am fucked on storage. Time Machine has started bitching that it can’t make backups anymore.

I started using last.fm again, so if you are too, look me up – username jkonrath – http://www.last.fm/user/jkonrath.

Gotta split – long drive to Torrance ahead..