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Random stuff

I’m not awake and have no coherent train of thought, so I’ll just hit you with a bunch of random stuff.

I know panhandlers probably don’t read my journal (maybe they do, now that all of these places have WiFi) but here’s a tip: don’t try to panhandle someone on crutches. Just sayin’.

I’m seriously thinking of creating a zine or website or something that reviews burrito carts here in Denver. I haven’t eaten at one yet, but there are a fuck of a lot of them at construction sites and near all of the factories north of here. The hipster doofus demographic has barely been tapped here, but I know it’s going to explode in the next year.

I watched all of the UK version of The Office. It was good. I usually loathe British comedy, largely because of the people who worship it. (Similar things: JRR Tolkein, Comic Books, Boston Red Sox, wine bars, REI, poker.) I am now watching Weeds, which isn’t bad, and has funny stuff in it. (Oh, add pot to that previous list.) The only thing is that in Weeds, the youngest kid looks absolutely deformed. And it’s weird, because the same thing was true about the youngest girl in Nip/Tuck. Maybe those two should hook up. It would be weird if they did, and their two Mongoloid genetic sets combined to create the next Angelina Jolie. (Come to think of it, take a look at her dad some time.)

I’m still trying to rate the unrated songs I have in iTunes. I already did this once before, but then I fucked up my computer in January. So I have like 2500 unrated songs, and since I only listen to my rated songs on shuffle, I sort of need to get the shit rated. Unfortunately, I don’t like to spend my time writing and playing the “hey, wow, every Jethro Tull song except for Aqualung really sucks, but I better listen to ten seconds of each one before I give them a one, just in case”, because I get obsessed with the iTunes shit and I don’t write. (Case in point: it has taken me 27 hours to write this far into this post.)

I missed a cooking class because they sent me the wrong time in the confirmation letter. We missed a maid/cleaning appointment because we left a key at the front desk, and the girl at the front desk “didn’t know what to do with it” even though it was taped to a letter saying to give it to the cleaning people. I missed (but rescheduled first) a shrink appointment because I couldn’t walk that week. So there’s a lot of rescheduling going on here.

(Aside: the class I missed was this knife skills class. I kind of want to show up in all camo and whip out a giant two-foot-long Rambo knife and start on some kind of schitzo Red Dawn rant, like “yeah my dad offed a lot of VC in ‘Nam with this shit. It has that extra tang on the side so when you stab someone in the lung, the gash won’t close and the ‘Cong gets a sucking chest wound and sepsis.” This would probably get more of a reaction in SF or NY though – I’m sure it happens like every other class here.)

I just realized that the clocktower two blocks away and about 10 degrees to the left of center at my monitor actually tells correct time. All this time, I’ve been either hitting the dashboard for a clock, or turning around and looking for one on the wall. Fuck.

I got Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories or whatever it’s called. I played the fuck out of the original Vice City like five years ago or whenever it came out. This one is I think the same map, but different story, and it’s two years earlier. It doesn’t seem to be as immersive – not as much going on, the songs on the radio seem to repeat themselves more, etc. I don’t know if it’s because the game was a rush job, or if I’m just high. Maybe both.

I just realized there’s no fucking way I could get a government job or something at one of the local aerospace places that require a piss test, since I’ve been swimming in Vicodin for weeks. How long does this shit stay in your system? Maybe I should go check rushlimbaugh.com.

(I probably shouldn’t make fun of him for his drug habit, because fuck – it is pure heaven. If I had his money and the balls to do the doctor shopping and online ordering, I would be taking fifty of those fuckers an hour. It’s not like going off of them is like not eating candybars if you really like them – it’s like going off of air if you breathe it a lot.)

I can walk now, BTW. Not 100%, but yesterday I didn’t wear my ankle brace, wore normal shoes with orthotics, and didn’t use a cane or crutches. The main problem now is that after not using the foot for like two or three weeks or whatever, the toes are really weak, and the arches (or lack thereof) aren’t used to being pushed up by the orthotics. So I’m not 100%, but I’m more than 80%. We were able to walk to this market/coffee place/sandwich cafe that’s a few blocks south. I forget the name of it, but I should link to it a million times because I really like it there. Our neighborhood is nothing but loft apartments and bar/tavern places fed by the ballpark crowds, so they started this market so people could shop in the neighborhood and not have to drive to another neighborhood to run to Safeway for a loaf of bread or some toilet paper. They have a very nice space, and it reminds me of Speakeasy back in 1995, before they got stupid, and without the computers. Anyway, they are just getting started, and I wish I could do something, like grow a bunch of corn on my land and sell it to them.

We got some corn on the cob last night, and fuck it was good. I don’t think I could eat it constantly, but it’s just one of those “summer’s about here” foods that reminds me of picnics and nice weather and school being out and so on. Lots of butter too, but now it has to be that Smart Balance shit. I have to get on a diet, and the problem is, I need to get on like 19 different diets at the same time. I have been searching and saving diets of foods you should eat for gout, weight loss, depression, blood pressure, etc. And I think that when I put all of the lists next to each other and cancel out everything, I will be left with just water and iceberg lettuce.

Another Jethro Tull song just came up.

I tried adding a blogroll to the side bar using the blogroll service, but it’s a stupid ponzi scheme, i.e. “Totally free! (Unless you don’t want our stupid crap on your web page or any other advanced feature, then you need to pay us.) I always have crazy ideas about doing shit to bring more readers here, and I thought the whole blogroll thing would do that, or at least add some kind of cross-pollination, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s stupid and full of some kind of fake-politic MySpace bullshit. Or whatever.

Similarly, I thought I should start reading Digg and participating in it. I honestly don’t have much to read these days on the computer, as I’ve become disillusioned or pissed off with most of the stuff out there. So I signed up for Digg and got all psyched up, and then I realized how pathetically stupid it is. I mean, when a story on a new PlayStation joystick degenerates into whining babble about how we need to get out of Iraq, it’s pretty much past the point where I ever want to read anything on the site ever again.

You should be reading my million dollar ideas blog (link at right). I should just keep adding to that until I have a book, and fuck this other stuff.

I need to take a shower.