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glossary stuff

Have you seen the glossary? Also known as The NecroKonicon, but I think I’m changing the name soon. I am saying this because if you haven’t seen it in a while, it has changed a lot. I’ve been adding a lot more entries, the layout is changing, there are a lot of new pictures, and it continues to grow. I don’t know how many people read it like 2 or 3 years ago and said “oh, ok” and then forgot about it, but I’ve added a lot of stuff since then, so maybe you should check it out.

Also, I am kind of hoping those people who are sort of involved (lived in Bloomington, worked for UCS, whatever) would please leave some comments, or at the very least, email me and tell me some of your stories. I am planning on making this thing into a book sooner or later, and I want to include stories from other people, like in little boxes in the side heads or whatever. I am really trying to finish things up and get this book out – I realize I have said in the past I wanted to do this, and I stalled, but this time I really am trying to remove as many of the obstacles as I can so I can get this book done. I don’t expect to sell one god damned copy of it, but my rationale is that once it is done and published, I will have it out of my way and I can start working on something else.

Not much is going on here. I have a sore throat and have been congested and sneezy all day, plus I am completely brain-dead, which means another cold, which sucks because I just got over one. I don’t know if I get 24 colds a year because I have a weak immune system, or if it’s the fact that I live in a city where people literally shit in the street, but I wish I had something else wrong with me, like say a brain tumor or something, that clearly showed up on an x-ray that a doctor could just easily cut out and then charge me $60,000, because I would rather have to deal with that than having half of my life essentially stolen from me.

Oh, I did get some dental work done on Saturday, so maybe that’s why I got sick. I actually got a chipped tooth fixed, and I realized that it was about twenty years ago that I chipped it, and that suddenly made me freak out that something I remember so clearly was two full decades ago. Of course, you tend not forget things like getting hit in the face with a wrench, but still.

Okay, my soup and applesauce are about done, so I think I’m going to go read for a while. If I was clear-headed, I’d work on the glossary, but I’m not.