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My head is killing me. I don’t know if it’s the heat or a lack of sleep or everything else, but the tylenol I just took aren’t doing much. It’s funny – well, not ha-ha funny – but I am allergic to both aspirin and advil, and for the longest time, I also thought I was allergic to tylenol, too. Back then, I never really got headaches at all. I am not even sure what I did when I got one. I “discovered” tylenol back in ’96, when I was getting my teeth redone and had a bunch of harrowing dental appointments, resulting in every nerve in my mouth and head being lit on fire. I think it got so bad that I decided I didn’t care if it caused my throat to swell shut in ten seconds flat, and I took tylenol. No problem. Now I take it way too much, to the point where I have giant Costco barrels of the stuff on top of the fridge.

I have a bunch of new stuff on the photos page. One set of pictures is from the Boston book reading and Maine roadtrip, although I took almost no pictures on the whole thing. And this weekend, we went to Ellis Island and I took a bunch of shots there. The only thing that sucks about Ellis Island is that it shares a ferry with the Statue of Liberty, so there are ten million people in line for that bitch, and about 7 that want to go to Ellis Island. You can’t even go up in the statue unless you camp out at four in the morning and get special tickets, and none of these people had them, but they were all like “D00D WE ARE TOTALLY GOING TO THE TOP OF THAT STATUE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON’S WIFE”, no matter how many signs and announcements the park rangers made.

It is brutal here. I spent all weekend in the AC, and now it feels like I’m in Vietnam. I think I’m going to take a cold shower and go to bed with a bag of frozen peas in my pillowcase.