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Pouring sushi

It’s pouring rain outside, a light but steady shower that’s been going on since morning. The city has been working on a few intersections in my neighborhood, grinding down the pavement really low so the manhole covers and drains stick way up from the surface, and then covering it all with lower quality, shitty patching material so it will fall apart in three months and then spend most of the year in disarray until the end of next year when they blow the rest of their year-end budget on another crappy patch job. Anyway, this has left several lake-sized holes directly in front of crosswalks, which quickly filled with water, the construction dust in them mixing into a nice mud. As I walked home in the rain, people charging off the subway met with these moats like the boys coming off the landing craft in Saving Private Ryan; some charged right through and were immediately incapacitated, while some squirmed and tried to go to the side, where no safety awaited them, and the ones in the back pushed forward on everyone, trying to move the huge clusterfuck of traffic onward and out of the hail of rain falling from the sky.

I’m working on some sushi that I paid too much for, and it’s not a good rainy day food. I’m thinking I should have made some grilled cheese, got a good broccoli and cheddar soup going, something heavy and warm and filling. Tuna rolls don’t really do it. Anyway, it will be nice to have a rainy weekend to do nothing. I’ve got Ace Combat 5 in the PlayStation 2 and there’s always that next book thing.

Speaking of which, I think I will go work on finding some more food that sits better than rice-wrapped fish.