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I have a 9:30 flight tomorrow morning, so this will be a quick update before the Tylenol PM kicks in and I try to get a few hours of sleep. It is catastrophically cold outside, two degrees with a -17 temp when you add in the 29 mph gusting winds. My old windows in this place might as well be screen doors, because the wind blows right through them. I am very glad to be going to a place where the apparent temperature difference is about 70 degrees.

So I’m packed, I got my damn haircut before I left, and I have the laptop and camcorder ready to go. I’ll be out of town until Wednesday, but I’ll post a full report when I get back. If you know my real email username and know that I have an account at tmail.com, do the math and send me an email on the 20th when I become a year older but not wiser. Anyway, I’m off to bundle myself up to avoid the wind….