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The longer I don’t update, the less important it seems, and the more I think I have nothing going on that’s worty of an update. So I’ll randomly try to mention everything that’s going on.

First, I’m going back to Indiana on the 6th, for a week I’ll be flying straight into South Bend (well, via CVG) and staying with Ray the whole time. This is sort of the pre-emptive holiday visit, since I don’t like to fly during the blackout period and I wanted to get a frequent flier ticket. The original plan was to just go to Ray’s and sit around for a week, get caught up on various video games, and not much more. But I will also see the various family factions and I guess have christmas early. So I’ve had to do all of my shopping early, but I did it all on Amazon, so that’s not too bad. I have not thought about the trip at all, so I feel like I should be doing some detailed planning or scheduling, but I realize that it will all be thrown off anyway.

I am on a diet, I guess. I’m having various medical issues I don’t want to discuss here, but I’ve basically got to cut the shit and stop with the sugar, sodium, and fat. So I went to the grocery store today and bought $67 of food that might be healthier for me, provided I don’t eat it all in one sitting out of some sort of starvation kick. Shopping for low-sodium food is imporrible. Everything has a ludicrous amount of sodium. Even those hippy-trippy, east asian, vegan-macro-micro-whatever diets are a total salt bomb. If you have any wise ideas on low-sodium cuisine, get them to me, and fast, because my heart is about ready to explode. Also, I go to a grocery store that’s smaller than the deli section of a Kroger, so the aisles are barely wide enough to walk through, and it makes it hard to study the labels on various foods without getting kicked in the shins by a four-foot-tall Greek woman.

I’ve been very apathetic about the annotated Rumored or the rerelease of Summer Rain, both of which have sort of fallen by the wayside. I got a test print of the Rumored thing, but they messed up the spine and I have another round of hell to go through with them, and I really don’t see the point or feel like it right now. Maybe after the holidays. I have been vaguely been thinking about a new project, but just vaguely.

I just finished SOCOM II on the easy level. It wasn’t too bad, but the last level was actually a bummer. There were much harder levels before that one.

OK, I need to get out of here…