Dispatches, thoughts, and miscellanea from writer Jon Konrath

I’d hate to think this has become a weekly journal, but it seems like it’s been going that way lately. During the week, I never really have any events to discuss, and I lack any kind of focus I could use to look beyond the sleep-work-food cycle that makes up most of my life these days. I have been in a weird holding period when it comes to any writing, and it’s hard to explain it, because it seems like explaining it also prolongs it. I hope I’ll eventually jump in on a writing project, but I haven’t lately. You’d actually be amazed how much energy it takes to not write sometimes. There’s a certain boredom in shuffling between TV and web browsing and video games without doing anything productive, and even when I don’t have the energy to do any work, it’s a huge drain. I’ve been reading a bit more lately, which does feel more productive, so hopefully that will sidestep into some actual writing.

It’s been another crappy weekend here, even though the weather got fairly decent all week. It has been pouring rain all day, and I’ve been on the couch, assembling a motorized RC 1/35 scale Tiger Panzer. I’ve discovered that my painting ability is much worse than I remember, or maybe it’s my lack of a good work surface. Either way, I’ve made good progress, and I have most of the hull together. I’m not very happy with the paint job, but the motors are installed and the tracks are in and it can now crawl around on its own. I built this small tank as a possible precursor to either a larger RC car or one of the Tamiya 1/16 scale tanks, but I’m not sure which I will do. I’m finding myself less interested in scale details and more interested in the mechanicals, so it might be a car.

Not much else is up. It was a very depressing week, and I spent a lot of time dealing with that and trying to avoid it. The summer is barely started, and I’m counting paychecks and trying to figure out travel, and I know it will vanish at the blink of an eye. I still remember the summers when I was a kid in school, the vacations that seemed to last an eternity, and now summer is just the time when I have to set up my army of fans to keep the apartment cool. I’ll have to find some cool stuff to do in the next few months.

Blah. Time to watch some ER reruns…