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hiding from snow

Yes, I survived the snow. I went shopping on Sunday, so I hid out indoors, watched TV, and did nothing else while it managed to pour down about two FEET of white stuff. I went out at about seven to get my laundry, but found the laundromat and everything else closed. So I got the camcorder and walked around for a while. Cars were entirely buried in drifts, and roads were mostly plowed to single-lane width, with some of the sidewalks partially shoveled, but most of them completely hidden under dunes of white. Absolutely nobody was outside, with no cars, people, or sounds for blocks. It felt like the whole city had vanished from a neutron bomb, aside from the occasional building super digging out their sidewalk.

I got to work okay today, although it took about twice as long as usual. The walk to the train took some patience, as only half of the sidewalks were clear, and each street crossing at a curb involved scaling a wall of snow left by the plows. Trains were slow, crowded, and infrequent, so that took a great deal of waiting. Only about half of our people made it here today, so it will be somewhat quiet in the office this afternoon.

Not much else to report, except that I’m getting frustrated over a lack of writing lately, and that’s compounded by a general feeling that I’m not sure what I should be writing next. I have a couple of ideas on projects, but I also have this overwhelming feeling that I’m barely treading water these days, and I need to find that “big” project to somehow advance myself. I guess for years I thought that Rumored would be that project, and now that it’s done and I’m still here at the same level, it makes me wonder what I need to do next. Does that make any sense?