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Need a warm vacation

Forget what I said earlier; today it is colder than fuck out. And I didn’t really bundle up, because I went out yesterday and it was in the 30s, fairly reasonable. It was the walk of death from the subway to my front door today. And while my apartment was like an oven all weekend, I’ve only got a lukewarm temp with a horrid breeze ripping through the closed windows.

I’m doing the dance of computer software and hardware upgrades, or at least trying to avoid it. I feel like I won’t get much out of this video setup unless I have a copy of Premiere running ($500), but that will require a copy of Windows XP ($200) and a big hard drive ($200). Or I could do nothing and spend $0. But then when I decide to spend nothing, I later get this nagging feeling that I should do something, maybe cut a corner and only buy one or two of the three. I don’t know.

And part of me thinks I should take the money and go on a vacation to somewhere warmer. Delta had a fare this weekend to Orlando for $220, including hotel. But I would have to leave at 7PM on Friday (not a major problem) and come back at 7AM on Sunday (a major problem). I don’t deal with early flights like that, and I don’t think it would be worth it to spend essentially one day in Florida. But shit, I would spend $200 to spend an hour in Florida if it would mean I could feel my toes again.

I’m not reading anything or writing anything. My new book is available for preorder on iuniverse, but I don’t feel like mentioning it with a link because they are so shitty about preorders, and I don’t think anyone will buy the book anyway. Oh, and I put Vegas pictures online: here. [Broken link, sorry…] They are not all captioned or turned the right way. I’ll get to it eventually.

I’ve installed anti-spam software, and I’m pretty happy with it. I have the Spastic set of procmail rules, and it’s only accidentally deleted one mail, from Evite, but otherwise it is running 100%. It doesn’t pick up all spam, but I’d say it gets more than 90% of it. Today I had about 70 pieces of spam, and all of them got quietly whisked away. I am not actually deleting them yet, but once I’m sure the filters are working, I will automatically nuke stuff marked as spam.

That’s it. Throat still hurts, but it is slowly getting better. OK, I think I am giving up on this so I can read or something.