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a lot, nothing

A lot has been up. Nothing has been up. My heat was out for a weekend, and I was sick, which meant pure misery and I was about a double-shot of vodka away from going to my landlord’s house and beating his power meter into a non-functional state until his heat went off. The heat is back on, and my mood has improved immensely. My cold is almost gone, no sniffles or aches, but the post-Nyquil dream and sleep cycle has gone completely fucking David Lynch on me. Also, although I have no sniffles, about every hour, my sinuses exude about a cubic liter of thick snot that immediately blows out of my nose in a very satisfactory manner, yet not as satisfactory as absolutely nothing. My appetite is also messed up, as I can now taste food, yet I realize that everything that a) I can cook or b) I can order for delivery tastes like total shit. My last two dinners and today’s lunch were horrid and I did not finish them. I am hoping to segue this into some kind of diet where something that is low-fat/low-calorie or whatever will suddenly taste better to me than horrible Greek food as cooked by Mexican workers in a Chinese restaurant in Queens. Or maybe not.

I am working on The NecroKonicon nonstop now. The goal is to have something to give the publisher by the end of the year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read it, find mistakes, point out my horrrible speling errors and everything else, and give me ideas for new stuff so I can turn this fucker out. I am adding stuff every day, so please take a look.

I had a lot of other things to say, but mostly I need to get some work done. So I must go enjoy the heat and write some damn glossary entries.