Dispatches, thoughts, and miscellanea from writer Jon Konrath

After finding a plot, cleaning off the desk, uploading my photos, and getting everything ready for the NaNoWriMo contest last night, I decided I wasn’t going to do it. I really want to write another book, but I want to do it at my own pace, and worry about quality more than quotas. Also, I have a couple of small projects I need to juggle, like a trip report for Vegas, and I want to putz with some PHP stuff, and I don’t think I can do that if I’m constantly worrying about output. And there’s not anything in it for me even if I do finish. So, fuck it.

Speaking of photos and PHP, give https://rumored.com/vegas/oct-2002/photos/ a spin if you haven’t already. [Long ago broken, sorry.] I am still hacking the PHP code for this, but I got the captions working correctly, and fixed a couple of other errors. It’s my first stab at doing anything longer than a line in PHP, and it seems to work okay. If I can improve some of the features a bit, I will use this script in other places on rumored.com.

It’s nice to be home on a Friday night with the wind whipping away outside, and the radiators glowing with heat. I bought a dehumidifier on my way home from work for about $40. It has some kind of air filter, a cool mist function, and other assorted features I ignored that promise me better comfort from the air as I sleep. It also came with a mostly useless gauge that measures the humidity (a hydragometer? Hydrometer? Hygrometer?) except it doesn’t have any accurate numbers of markings, just a green band called “comfort zone” in the middle, with “humid” and “dry” in red on either side. It gauged my apartment as being below the “comfort zone”, but now that this little plastic beast is churning out humidity, it appears I am once again in the “comfort zone”. That’s comforting.

Just the other day someone pulled like $3.5M out of the New York horse betting computers through some kind of security breach. Dammit! Why can’t I figure this kind of stuff out?