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Last Stop sandwich

It’s about 1 in the morning. I’m eating the remains of a sandwich I got from the Last Stop Cafe and listening to the new (to me) Chick Corea New Trio CD, which I discovered at Best Buy today and I have been enjoying. Corea, along with a lot of other Jazz greats, always seems to swap bands and record labels as time goes by. I’m a big fan of the GRP era, the Mariental/Weckl/Pattitucci/Gambale lineup, and the fact that all of those guys did their own solo albums on GRP that had guest appearances. Sort of like those solo Kiss albums, but these were a bit better in quality.

Oh yeah, Rumored is on Amazon. Go check its page on Amazon.com. If you order it there, do me a big favor and use the feature that lets you tell friends to buy it for 10% off. Of course, right now the book is cheaper at Barnes and Noble, and I am pretty agnostic about what store people use, as long as they check it out.

Nothing else mind-bending is really going on these days. It’s too hot for me to enjoy the apartment, but moderately okay outside. I haven’t been in the mood to do much, and I keep racking my brain trying to think of ways to pass time until the mood strikes me to start another book. I should be writing something, but I can’t get into it. So maybe I will take a class or try to find a workshop or something.

Of course I say this, and I have no free time. It seems like every day goes by in ten hours, and I’m left with a list of things I’ll get to tomorrow. Of course, I don’t know what’s on the list right now, except that I just got the new Simpsons box set and I want to watch some of the episodes. But now, it’s going on 2:00 and I need to turn on the AC and sit in bed and let this turkey sandwich churn through my system so I will have bizarre dreams. Not too bad of a plan, really.