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Travel, broken toe

I’m packing it up and getting ready to head out. Tomorrow, I fly to Las Vegas, pick up a car, and drive to the Hacienda, which is out by the Hoover Dam. (Not to be confused with the old Hacienda, which was imploded a couple of years ago.) Then on Sunday, I drive to Alamosa, Colorado and hang out there for four days. I stay at a Best Western, and basically just see my land and check out things. Then it’s back to Vegas for two nights at the Tropicana. Should be a decent week.

I think I broke my toe last night, though. I’ve had a lot of misery with my feet over the last year – gout, pulled muscles, and flat feet – so this really sucks. I had my suitcase out, my hardshell samsonite, and I put it in the hallway to air out. I forgot, and when I went to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, BAM! I just thought I stubbed it, and it was OK all day, but when I got my shoes off tonight, it was pure murder. The middle toe is all purple right now, like a ring of purple. I am not going to a doctor, because aside from the fact that doctors can never fix anything, I know that there’s nothing you can do for a broken toe except tape it to the neighbor toe and load up on pain meds. So I got some tape, and I got my little “bootie” from when my gout was killing me, and I got some Tylenol, and it’s fine. I think it will be decent for walking if it is taped up; the middle toe isn’t that important. But when your big toe is messed up, you are fucked. I learned that the hard way last year.

Not a lot else, just packing. I hate that I never know what music format the rental car takes. Ideally, I would just pack MiniDiscs and a cassette adaptor, but now some cars have a CD in them. So I pack a mix of CDs and MDs, or I end up going to a Best Buy or WalMart and buying a bunch of CDs while I am there. Last trip, I ended up listening to the same BT album over and over and over, so I need to be more careful about what I pack this time.

I should get out of here. Not sure if I will update while I am gone, but I might be writing some kind of story or offline journal of the whole trip, depending on my mood. Anyway, see you in a week…