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Saturday afternoon, no plans

I feel a need to update, even though not a lot’s going on. Saturday afternoon – no plans, a few bucks, and so-so weather. I went out late last night to Kiev, to eat some food that I probably shouldn’t have. I have been passively drifting on some kind of diet thing, but it’s more like I’ve just been feeling more guilty about eating bad, and avoiding snacks. I tried to get on diet Dr. Pepper this week, but my allegiance to The Real Thing is too heavy, and I was back to six Cokes a day by Friday. I’ve also been trying to take more late-night walks through the ‘hood, but it’s been raining all week, and spending an hour and a half walking around is kinking the Rumored to Exist writing schedule.

I haven’t been doing much writing, but I read a lot of Rumored in the last few days, and I still really like it. I can’t wait until it’s 100% and I can start showing it to my friends and stuff, because it is very tripped out and the current draft is very tight. I still have some stuff to fix up, there’s some slop in the language and some of the references are too far out for anyone but me and maybe Ray Miller.

I registered allhailsatan.com this week. It points to my home machine. Not much located there, but maybe later I can use it for some weird project.

Okay, I need to get dressed, catch some lunch, do something cool. I’m thinking of the Strand, but spending money might not be the best idea at this point. We’ll see what goes down.