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back in Seattle

I feel like I’m back in Seattle – it’s been pouring rain, so much that the entire apartment’s humid and it feels like it will never dry. It’s also cold, and I ran out of hot water today. A nice hot shower is the only way to beat weather like this, and I didn’t get one today. I did, however, get the equivalent of a shower walking home from the subway, which is never fun.

My friend A is coming into town at any moment. I pulled her here to interview for a job at work, and she’s going to be around for the weekend to see some family. We get to hang out tonight, although I’m not sure I want to wander around the village or something when it is pissing rain like it is now. Her flight got pushed back because of rain and dreariness in Indianapolis, so that also sucks.

Work on Summer Rain has been slow and clunky lately. I’ve got so many changes to do in book three – one of the main characters has been totally rewritten. Or rather she is being rewritten – I am still doing major changes to the plotline as I am editing. The whole thing looks like a disaster right now, but it’s getting there. I just want it to be done and off to the press – Stutz is publishing a Linux book at the same press, except he’s just about ready to roll and send in his copy, while I’m like two months from that point. It will be very cool…

My favorite web site in the world today is www.ntsb.gov. Tens of thousands of plane crashes in excruciating detail – it is incredible!