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Hello from Virginia

Hello from Virginia. I’m at Larry’s, waiting for him to take a shower so we can go eat. It’s been a cool trip so far, and I’ll need to write up the whole thing at some later point.

On Friday, I spent all day at Air and Space, checking out the planes. They have the best collection in the world: The Wright Brothers’ first plane, Apollo 11, a lunar lander, the X1, the Spirit of St Louis, and tons others. A slew of space stuff too, like a Skylab backup that you can walk through, capsules from all of the three early programs, Russian stuff, space suits, moon rocks, and a lot more. I spent most of the day there, looking at all of this stuff in awe, and shooting lots of film. Later, I went to the American history part of the Smithsonian and saw more stuff, including Old Glory and the restoration of the Star Spangled Banner.

Saturday was a huge roadtrip in Larry’s van. I’d need to look at a map to describe it, but it involved driving to West Virginia, and then making a huge circle through Virginia and eventually going to Richmond to drink with the college students. We also went to VMI, Washington and Lee, and saw a barn that George Washington allegedly stayed in. A dude was dressed in Washington garb as part of some local publicity stunt or something, and I thought about giving him a bunch of shit (Do you grow pot? Are those teeth wood? Are you a freemason?) but I didn’t.

OK Larry is done and it’s time to eat. More later.