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Hot nights in Washington Heights

Ignore all of my previous statements about how hot it is here – today it is relentlessly motherfucking hot. And it has been for days. Yesterday was a new record high, something like 103 and the humidity was at 99% all day. It didn’t let up much after the sun went down, either. I took 6 or 7 showers yesterday, and even with the air conditioner in our bedroom, it felt very uncomfortable indoors. The rest of the apartment felt like when you turn the oven on all the way for a few hours and it turns your kitchen into a kiln. Today isn’t supposed to be any better – I think on wednesday, the temps will drop to the low 80s, but they will go back up by the weekend. I’m thinking of stealing a car and driving as far north as possible, until I get to some Canadian glacier I can lay on for a while.

Really, I am planning a trip to DC in two weeks. My old friend Larry Falli is working an internship at the EPA (he is in law school, which is slightly ironic) and I’m trying to figure out the bus situation to get down there for a 4-day weekend. I’ve got the time and the money, so I figure I’ll greyhound down there, spend a day wandering around while he’s at work. There are still a ton of details to work out, but I’m excited to check out a new city and hang out with Larry again.

It’s way too hot to be here – I think I’m going to go to the movies or something.