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Tracking down a VCS

Still alive. On an agressive schedule with the edits to Summer Rain – I am trying to wrap up the 15 chapters that make up book 2 before Marie shows up on 10/2. It’s a mess, but it’s slowly falling in place – I’ve written about 60,000 words – the first fifteen chapters were like 84,000 words. So I might make it, especially if I don’t sleep this weekend.

I’m listening to Shadowfax – their fourth album, The Dreams of Children. I just bought it tonight, and I think that completes my collection. It’s a shame that Chuck Greenberg, the group’s nucleus, passed away a couple years ago. I really like their stuff, and if there’s one band I listen to the most while writing this book, it’s them. (Chick Corea is second; Pat Metheny might be in third.) Their compilation What Goes Around is pretty much the soundtrack to Summer Rain, partially because it’s something I listened to back in 1992, and every song is imprinted heavily with those memories.

Not a lot is going on otherwise. I’m counting down the days until Marie shows up again (15) but having this self-imposed deadline to beat is really making the time fly. I also have a lot going down at work, so it’s been busy all around, with nothing interesting to talk about. I guess I have been spending some time on www.ebay.com, trying to track down Atari 2600 crap. I just bought a VCS and a bunch of games and I can’t wait until they get here. It was pretty cheap, and I just want to have an old-school, self-contained unit to play with. Games are cheap – usually about a buck each. The video quality is bad, but they don’t make games like they used to – it’s not just a rehash of mortal kombat or mario, there are some real playable titles out there. Plus, with a fifth of vodka and a friend, it can be a really hilarious evening. So if you have a bunch of Atari shit in your closet, let me know and maybe I can give you a few bucks for some of it.

Like I said, nothing else. I better keep writing before Conan. Later.