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Weird depresso days

It’s one of those weird, depresso days. I’m worried about my car. Paranoid might be a better word – it has a small coolant leak that’s probably just a hose or a hose clamp, but even that’s a pain in the ass to fix. I know if I bought 3 replacement hoses and 6 replacement clamps and drained all of the antifreeze and swapped the hoses, it would probably still leak, 6 hours and $30 later. I want to bring it to a shop, but then you’re talking lots of cash. I hope this thing can hold together until January, and then maybe I will buy a semi-new Toyota or Honda or something.

I’m still counting the days (8) until Marie shows up. That means more cleaning, preparing, and waiting. The apartment is pretty clean right now, but there are a bunch of things I need to do right before she gets here, like buy some food, do some laundry, etc. I’m trying to keep busy with the book, but it’s hard to keep focused. I’m still picking away at some stuff, like dialogue, but it’s been a real pain in the ass. On my last read through the material, I marked about 250 things in 15 chapters that needed to be changed. And some of those changes are giant – I have a lot of holes to plug. But I hope to get some of this done in the next couple of months.

Tomorrow, I’m going flying with a guy that I work with. I guess he needs to log hours with passengers or something. I went with him a couple of years ago and it was great – he rented one of those small Cessna planes, basically a VW with wings, and we circled around Seattle at 4,000 feet. It was an incredible view – high enough to get an incredible view but low enough that you could make out the buildings and streets. This time we are going to Friday Harbor in the San Juans and back, and I’ll have a camcorder with me.

It’ll be nice to have many distractions between now and a week from tomorrow. I have the flying, and the boat trip the day Marie arrives. Plus with all of the shopping and dusting and cleaning and mopping, I have some stuff to keep me busy.