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Day of the Clumsy Jackyl

I’m getting all of this mail from people I knew a long time ago, which is both cool and weird. I’ve been writing a story based on it, in an odd way. Some of it is my fault – I have a habit of sifting through my old mail and finding people that vanished off the face of the earth. It’s an interesting way to spend a Friday afternoon, anyway.

Last night was like Day of the Clumsy Jackyl at my apartment. I knocked a glass of sprite on the floor and the only thing that saved my paper journal was that my bed comforter was half on the floor and somehow absorbed the whole glass without letting a drop hit the floor. Hail satan. I then had to wash all of my stuff, and this all happened at like 11 at night. I got to bed by one, amazingly enough. Also happening that night – I spilled my garbage, spilled a bag of aluminum cans, spilled some sprite on the counter, and went to answer the phone and somehow grabbed the receiver but not the cord, saying hello several times before I realized I had to untangle the handset cord from that fucked up mess where the cord gets twisted around itself a million times. That happened twice.

Nothing else is going on here…