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Lost in Indianapolis

I’m back, and what a day. It started by me getting lost in Indianapolis – I have an uncanny ability for not knowing which was is north in that city. Then I left a tape in the car, and it is probably gone forever. Then my car bill came to like $450. Then all of my pens simultaneously ran out and I had to buy the shittiest bic pen for a dollar at the airport. Then I lost my checkbook in the plane, and didn’t find out until a few hours after I got home. (United found it – I have to go pick it up later this week).

Glad to be back. The trip didn’t go as planned, and I didn’t see as many people as I had wanted. Then again, many people and places are gone. Plus, I can no longer eat at my favorite old restaurants. It gets more depressing every visit, and I’m not sure I will go back in the near future.

Some of it was nice, of course. Seeing everyone – spending time alone, driving on old familiar roads, not working for a week. But I need to get back in gear.

Speaking of which – I have too much stuff to do right now. Maybe tomorrow I can write more about the trip.