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Getting a cold

The rest of today, tomorrow, and then I leave for Indiana. I’m starting to get a cold, and I’m trying every remedy possible – vitamins, vaporizer, medicines, and soup. I’m not doing too bad, so hopefully the flight won’t be a disaster. I got some special earplugs you wear for flying – they have a weird valve in them which protects your inner ear from the pressure change. Maybe they’ll do the trick.

I think I destroyed a Solaris machine here at work, trying to upgrade it. I needed to install a patch from Sun, and the patch completely flattened the computer. I think I’ll have to install the OS all over again. At least that gives me a nice, mellow task to eat up my afternoon.

Because of the cold, I haven’t been doing much more than resting and packing. I’ve been trying to get past level 20 of tetris plus on the gameboy, but it’s a real ball-breaker. Maybe I will make it on that 4 hour plane ride….