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Transcribing pains

I finished transcribing this Jello Biafra interview last night. It took me about 6 hours to transcribe 45 minutes of tape. Most death metal bands or whatever talk in a slow, stoned-out voice and it’s easy to keep up with the tape. But Jello talks faster than fuck, especially when he is on some political rant, and he doesn’t pause for anything. It’s interesting stuff to read and listen to, but I never thought I’d finish typing the damn thing.

With that done, the zine is a big step closer to completion. I need to edit and proof everything, and figure out what stays and what goes. I can’t wait to get the articles flawless and into FrameMaker, so I can see what they look like with some good fonts and weird art.

I should put in a plug for this zine if you are one of the three people actually reading this and you don’t know about it. It will be done at the end of this month and is $2 or a trade, but if you’re actually reading this, I’ll send it to you anyway. Just email me with your postal address and I’ll put you on the list.

I’ve given up on making a cable to connect my Commodore 64 to my PC. I have the schematics and everything, but I just can’t solder anymore. I can’t see the fine detail that close up, and I can’t hold the iron that still, either. It’s sort of fucked up. I’d like to buy a cable, but the people out there who are building them are screwing over people. I want to play some of those old games on my 64, but I never knew it would be this much of a hassle…

It’s lunchtime and I’m ready for bed…