All the stuff on my desk, 2020 edition

I did this back in 2013, so maybe it’s time for an update.

  • An Anthro desk, 60-inch wide, “fog” color. Anthro no longer exists, so I’m not sure if they still make them.
  • 2020 MacBook Pro 16-inch (the last Intel one).
  • Lenovo Thinkpad – I don’t remember the number, but about two years old (work machine).
  • A KVM switch, all the assorted dongles, and the Lenovo’s docking station, hidden half-under the desk, but sticking half-out because I’ve given up on cable management.
  • Regular-vision glasses (I wear a different pair for the computer.)
  • Sony MDR-7506 headphones, but with the foam pads replaced with new perforated fake-leather ones. Great daily monitor-type headphones, but the pads disintegrate within a year.
  • iPhone 11 Pro, in a battery case.
  • Lightning-to-Thunderbolt cable.
  • Lightning-to-USB B cable.
  • 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch headphone adapter.
  • Glasses case.
  • ¬†USB 3 hub.
  • Vanatoo Transparent Zero monitors.
  • iPad pro (the first generation, the smaller size). It’s in a wire stand meant for recipe books that I got for four bucks instead of paying $75 for some sculpted aluminum thing.
  • A couple of bottles of vitamins.
  • Kinesis Advantage keyboard.
  • Two different Western Digital external backup drives (4TB?), and an external enclosure with an SSD (512 GB) full of different Windows VMs.
  • A cheap TENS machine that’s currently plugged into my lower right back.
  • A Kensington trackball.
  • An Ergotron monitor arm.
  • A crappy ViewSonic monitor, maybe 24-inch 1080p.
  • A Manta TR-1 IR remote receiver.
  • A Logitech C920 webcam.
  • An Apple Pencil, probably with a dead battery.
  • A couple of Japanese erasable pens (blue, red. Frixion Ball. Pilot makes a version in the US that’s garbage, the wrong shape.)
  • A bunch of post-it notes.
  • A bill for my license plates.
  • A cheap Chinese LCD clock.
  • A fingertip pulseox monitor.
  • A three-toggle switch replica of the SCE switch in an Apollo command module.
  • One of those stupid hand grip exercise things.
  • Proventil inhaler.
  • Wire pen/pencil basket, filled with various pens and pencils I almost never use, plus at least two Strat whammy bars. I also see a Palm Pilot stylus in there, to give you an idea of how often I clean it out.
  • Two different travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • A keyboard brush thing from Japan that stands up and has a creepy anthropomorphic face on it, as a Japanese desk accessory would.
  • About a dozen bills or “important” papers from like 2014 stuffed between a speaker and the pen holder.
  • A Verilux desktop light.
  • A Verilux light box I never use.
  • A Ghiradelli candy bar.
  • Apple remote.
  • Vanatoo remote.
  • Cloth napkin.
  • Apple earbuds.
  • The paperwork satchel thing out of a MacBook Pro.
  • Half a can of Coke Zero.

(None of this is probably of any interest, but it will be of interest to me in five or ten years, so that’s why it’s here.)