To the airport early

I’m just about ready to go home, dry some clothes, and then finish my packing for the trip. It’s always nice when the last details fall into place and everything starts rolling. My favorite time is when I get to the airport early, my bags are checked, my backpack is at my feet, and I can write in my journal and watch the planes fly away as I wait for my boarding time.

I’m not feeling too sick today – I took some sutafed-type medicine and spent most of the morning buzzing all over the place. Without caffeine as a base reference, it really felt potent. Cool.

I spent a lot of last night playing tetris plus and trying to finish the game. There are 4 cities with 20 levels each. I’ve cleared two cities, and I’m on level 20 of the third city. I hope I can finish the damn thing on the plane.

Anyway, time to split. I probably won’t be able to write until I’m in Indiana. Until then…