About Me

Born on an Air Force base in North Dakota and raised in a tiny town in Michigan, Jon Konrath moved to Elkhart, Indiana as a child. He enjoyed reading from an early age, but became enchanted with computers when he first met the Apple II, and spent most of education pursuing a technical career. It wasn’t until college that he began writing, when he contributed a fake advice column to the heavy metal zine, Metal Curse. From there, he began his own death metal zine, and began meeting other writers through the mails and internet.

After some writing and literature courses on the tail-end of a six-year bachelor’s degree at Indiana University, Konrath left for Seattle with a half-written novel and a job as a technical writer. While in the Emerald City, he began the earliest drafts of Rumored to Exist while trying to finish his first novel, Summer Rain. He also edited and produced a literary zine called Air in the Paragraph Line, contributed to several other zines, and kept an online journal long before everyone and their brother had a blog or a livejournal account.

Konrath finished just shy of a four-year run in Seattle before moving to New York. His first six months were spent working on Summer Rain almost full-time; he also worked on contracts for two internet start-ups and contributed to two computer titles for Macmillian. The joy of a full-time paycheck pulled him back to the technical writing world, but he continued to alternate between the two books, in addition to other projects.

Summer Rain was published in September of 2000, through print-on-demand publisher iUniverse. Although sales of the 660-page epic weren’t swift, it was received with favorable reviews. Konrath spent the next two years revamping Rumored; he also removed a sub-plot and created another book called The Device, which has yet to be completed. In the spring of 2002, he also wrote The NecroKonicon, an online hypertextual glossary of his life and the strange people and things that surround him.

After leaving New York and spending time in Denver and LA, Konrath now lives in Oakland, California. He reads a lot of reference books, and vigorously pursues a new hobby about every four days, only to give it up and move on to something else. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Here are some other places to find me online:

If you need to email me (why?) I’m at jkonrath at the name of this site.