New Coliseum

It’s hot as hell, still. The only constructive thing I’ve done all weekend is watch the History Channel. Mail Call is on, live from the gulf, and it’s nice to see that the bridge of the USS Nimitz (“The Most Dangerous Four and a Half Acres on the Earth”) has a pair of fuzzy dice mounted inside.

I did manage to get out today and find the new location for Coliseum Books. This was a pretty cool, non-chain bookstore up on 57th Street where I spent many a dollar on new books back in the day. Not only did it have a good location, but they had a cool selection, especially of history and literature. Unfortunately, they lost their lease, and the location is now a Fleet bank. I thought that was that, but on my walk the other day, I found they have a brand new store on 42nd Street, near the public library. I went in today and dropped about $50 on some new stuff, including a John Fante reader and a bunch of Asimov that I read back in high school, but really want to re-read. So that was nice, as was the air conditioning.

I thought that maybe eating hot foods from hot regions would maybe help me out here, so I had Mexican tonight and Indian the night before. I figured if they ate hot food all of the time, maybe they knew something that I didn’t. It didn’t help much, though. I think I really need to move, or build some kind of astronaut suit that has air conditioning.

Oooh, they are blowing stuff on TV. Gotta go.


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