It’s been good weather for this Peter Gabriel soundtrack to the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence. I have no idea what the movie is about, just that it is Australian and has to do with two aboriginal girls or something. But the soundtrack is very dark, detailed, and somewhat ambient. It’s the perfect thing to have in the player when I am writing, and since it has been cold and pouring rain outside, it fits that climate well. I almost hope the weather is like this all weekend so I can put this CD on repeat and keep the words flowing.

I’ve been keeping steady with this Vegas story, but it feels like the more I write on “documentary” stuff like this, the more I harm myself for writing anything like Rumored again. It’s very difficult to think of following this book, especially since opinion on it has been so strange and mixed. I know I can’t go back to writing first-person, coming-of-age kinda-biographical stuff like Summer Rain, even though I essentially have another book up on blocks right now that deals with that. Sometimes I feel like I’m back to 1994 again about what to do with my writing. It’s very depressing to think about it.

I still have a stack of copies of Rumored to Exist sitting on my bookcase, awaiting the post office but I don’t know who to send them to. If you’re reading this and you don’t have a copy and you think you could somehow con a couple of other people into buying one, mail me and I will send you one. I’m not going to send them to every idiot who writes me like they are a free sample of nutrasweet gum (remember those?) but I would like more people to check it out.

Did they ever have an Apocalypse Now video game? Do you think it would cost a lot to license that shit from Coppola? I just found out that Take Two, the company that did GTA3, has an office about two doors down from me. I could swing in there, talk that shit up, and just sit around sketching up crap on a whiteboard and then sending it off to Korea or whatever to get coded. Who wrote the engine for Medal of Honor Frontline? Shit, I should look some of this stuff up on google.

It really pisses me off when spam companies tell me I have opted in to their list, when the email address is one I use on my web site and never for anything else. And it pisses me off more when their “remove me” url isn’t even a URL, it’s a malformed address that points to the IP number of a machine in a student lab on some campus or something. I wish there was some way to fight spam, and I don’t mean a fucking banner that I put on my web site. I mean a way to hunt them down and kill them in their sleep, rape their children, enslave their wives and girlfriends to a short life of hard labor, and burn their houses to the ground. I wish there was a way to analyze the mail logs and find their IP number and translate it to GPS coordinates that could be fed into the targeting computer of a B-52 bomber so they could direct an arclight strike agains them and lay down a football field of 500-pound bombs onto their neighborhood. I wish I could find these people and make them carry the cross I will use to crucify them through a town while they are whipped and people throw stones and spit at them. And I think at least a few people are with me on this.

OK, I’ve got time to kill until the new ER, so I’m gonna play some games.


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