Rotting Christ

I’m listening to the new Rotting Christ album, and I’m simply floored that death metal (“extreme metal”, whatever) has taken on such a clean, thick, produced sound while still retaining a good edge. I think this is what bands like Paradise Lost were trying to do a few years back, although they failed. I like this CD a lot, and I’m only on track 4. Too bad the bonus CD is the same one that came in Metal Curse – it’s a great CD, but it would’ve been cool to get another sampler or something. Or a CD with some live tracks or unreleased material. I can’t complain too much, it was a completely free CD at the $16 price point.

In unrelated CD news, I’ve completely given up on Tower Records. All of their CDs are like $18 except for those perpetually on sale that I have no interest in. I guess if I was a top 40 zombie, it would be nice to get the new Smashing Pumpkins CD for “only” $16, but I don’t see that happening soon. Seattle really needs a Best Buy to come in and start up a CD price war.

A busy day today, and I was sleepy for most of it. It turns out that my team at work will be going on a boat cruise as part of our 1.0 release celebration, and it’s the same day Marie will be coming into town. The party is from 12-3, and her flight arrives at 6:30, so there should be no problems. We had another one of these parties, and it was very cool – it’s relaxing to cruise around Lake Washington, watch the shore, and get into long, involved conversations with coworkers that don’t involve Java. I will be a nervous wreck that day – my few hours before I meet Marie, but maybe the distraction will be nice. Better than sitting in front of my computer, anyway.

What kind of soda is Green River, other than green? I can’t seem to describe the flavor. It’s not a lemon-lime, it’s – green. I bought a 6-pack of it the other night, but I can’t drink much more than that. It’s too intense of a flavor to drink on a daily basis.

I should get some work done now.