The NecroKonicon

by Jon Konrath

This glossary defines people, places, things, and terms from the life of Jon Konrath. It's really two parts: one having to do with my life in high school in Elkhart, IN; and my college years in Bloomington, IN. There's some connection between the two, and I've left in some references that have to do with after I left in 1995, but that's the general idea.

The Necrokonicon used to be available here online. Then it was available as a print book. I've retired both versions. When I hosted it here, I was constantly getting shit from people for being "wrong" or not updating it regularly, even though it was a project that had been done for fifteen years. Also, a lot of the people mentioned within got pissed off about it. So, it's retired.


More about the Necrokonicon - More information about why and how I did this.

News - An old archive of news and info about the Necrokonicon web site and book.

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