Vol. 13

By Jon Konrath

Absurdist writer Jon Konrath returns with another collection of hilarious and demented short fiction. Twenty laugh-out-loud tales of the post-apocalyptic and abnormal drift from reality to the bizarre, from killdozer marathons to UFO cults to Satanic fast-food roast beef.

The author of Atmospheres and cult classic Rumored to Exist weaves a chaotic nonlinear tapestry of pop culture, heavy metal, and offensive absurdity.

The Gonzo stylings of Vol.13's narrative twist the reader through the dystopian landscape while positing serious inquiries about the meaning of existence, the folly of man, and the pain of nostalgia, but answers them with scenes of an absurd destruction of society. The book is a personal journey that questions reality, but reveals a fragmented chaos, while being hilarious and impossible to put down.

Bonus: Vol.13 includes three stories from the now out-of-print rarity Mandatory Laxative #14.

Includes the following stories:

ISBN: 978-1942086079, 6x9" 194 pages

Available here:

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