What do the Volkswagen Rabbit, Death Metal CDs, growing up in the Midwest, and experimental writing have in common? These topics and more are found in Tell Me A Story About The Devil, a collection of tales from the pioneering online journal created by writer Jon Konrath.

This anthology brings together writing from the last half of Konrath's stay in Seattle, from 1997 to 1999, and recounts the struggle of writing of his first two books, Summer Rain, and Rumored to Exist.

Detailed and often hilarious reports describe his life in the Emerald City at the end of the 20th century, along with recollections of his youth in Indiana, memories of slacking at a Big Ten university, and the difficulty of facing the real world in his post-college years.

The collection of daily updates and more detailed investigations into life weave through past and present with solid and emotional storytelling, offering an interesting look at the life and process of an aspiring writer. Witness Konrath's journey as he experiences Seattle and later quits his job and either throws out or ships via UPS everything he owns to move to New York and make it in the literary world.

Note: this book is now out of print. If you go to its entry on Amazon.com you might be able to find a used copy, but there aren't many in circulation, because almost nobody bought it in the first place. If you absolutely need a copy, contact me and I may have a spare left, or can at least send you a PDF.

Last updated Friday, 21-Mar-2014