Rumored to Exist


a novel

by Jon Konrath


Here's what people have been saying about Rumored to Exist.

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  • "This book takes your conception of reality, twists it, bends it, and takes you for a very strange and very interesting ride. It's a fast and furious black comedy unsuitable for those with no appreciation for the absurd."
  • "This is certainly the most bizarre book that I have read since Catch-22. Back then I was somewhere in Germany sitting in the driver's hatch of a main battle tank, hypnotized by the enchanting text. Now I'm sitting in the Republic of Djibouti somewhat dazed as if reading Rumored_to_Exist had caused an ethereal brick to be slammed into the back of my psyche."
  • "The best of Konrath's books, Rumored to Exist is easy to pick up and read thanks to the engaging over-the-top depravity and general sensory overload of the sci-fi tinged text. And despite the fact that the 'chapters', if you will, can often be less than a page long, this is a difficult book to set down, since anything can, and often does, happen, including the strangest things that you're likely to ever read."
  • "[...]a short series of seemingly related bookettes, almost like a long stream of consciousness that you can buy for cheap and read in one pass. I read this during the New York blackout, but I was in Chicago, and it hit the spot because it immersed me in another world, of a Navy dropout at the end of his rope, drinking mouthwash for alcohol and trying to think back as to what went wrong. It's like a good short story, but long enough that you feel like you got your money worth."
  • "You'll get more detail and depth about female sheep anatomy than you would in vet school."
  • "This is my favorite Konrath book. you can pick it up and open a page and read for a minute, and you get more out of it than if you read an entire Chuck Palahniuk book, which has very short sentences. These sentences are long and complicated and contain references to autopsy paraphrenalia and explosives and japanese monsters and obscure sexual practices. You will be amazed at the range of topics covered in Rumored."
  • "Clever, humorous and extraordinarily weird, Rumored to Exist jolts along with a supercharged cyberpunk writing style that's jam-packed with elements of tacky technology fetishism, rabid chunks of Fox TV's weeknight lineup, monster movies gone horribly awry, rewarmed and retwisted conspiracy theories, and--why not?-- horrifically ill-advised scientific research. "
  • "It's as if the Post-Modern Paul Revere from Richard Linklater's Slacker (the guy who drove around blasting the sidewalks with dark warnings via the monster PA system atop his car) was told to crack his knuckles and get to typing... pronto fella. And then he did. With relish."
  • "The squeamish are advised to stay away. There are more fecal jokes here than in a ten-hour South Park marathon. The rest of you should crowd into this here tent and take your seat. The show's about to begin."
  • "Bascially, this book is NAKED LUNCH for the Generation X crowd or anyone, for that matter, that didn't make millions off of '80s cocaine sales and junk bonds. This book is a trip through reality without the politically correct, phony religious shit that's supposed to keep us blind."
  • "[...] an interesting exposition dealing with the current world of media oversaturation, political hand-wringing, and high-power designer drugs. Many people would find Konrath's nonlinear fiction similar to the random babble of William S. Burroughs' _Naked Lunch_, but it's important to note that there is a story in the chaos, telling us not only that Konrath's satanism is driving the plot, but the quality of pure GHB is on the rise in New York. "


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