Ranch: The Musical

By Jon Konrath

Absurdist writer Jon Konrath returns with a new collection of flash, micro-fiction, and other gonzo, neo-dada, post-apocalyptic weirdness. This new hoard of twenty-one bite-sized pieces is reminiscent of Konrath's weird underground zine work, such as Mandatory Laxative and Air in the Paragraph Line, intermixed with longer bizarre stories.

The author of Atmospheres and cult classic Rumored to Exist weaves a chaotic nonlinear tapestry of pop culture, heavy metal, and offensive absurdity in this low-priced, high-value collection. It includes stories such as You Can't Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Two Pounds of Grade-D Hamburger Meat, The Curse of the Van Hagar Enema Bag, ALSO MAKES A GREAT DIP!, and Brutal Kevin and the Mandatory Laxative Printing Mishap.

This is an unorthodox and unconventional collection practically designed to confuse and offend. Like the rest of Konrath's work, it is a wild ride through the surreal and unconventional.

ISBN: 978-1-942086-14-7, 6x9" 108 pages

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